Good To Go (Catering)

We can provide coffee and fresh baked goods for your meetings or events.


96oz Disposable “Good To Go” Coffee Carrier: $13.00
1.0 Gallon Thermal Coffee Server: $15.00
1.5 Gallon Thermal Coffee Server: $20.00
2.5 Gallon Thermal Coffee Server: $30.00
5.0 Gallon Thermal Coffee Server: $50.00

Also available at a modest charge are 8oz disposable cups, stir sticks, powdered creamer, and sugar packets.  Fresh dairy creamer available for an extra charge.

How much coffee do I need?

Good question!  In general, 54{081ee530978582a3d9c3df5be42475ff9360443c9a828d8ca3ca7ef48374c90d} of the American population drinks coffee daily.  One gallon of coffee provides approximately 20 cups of coffee (the type of disposable cups we provide.)  The time of day will also factor into your coffee consumption.  Mornings are the peak time for coffee consumption, as are early afternoons.  If it’s a morning meeting for 50 people, we’d recommend getting at least the 2.5 gallon server.

Remember, it’s better to have too much coffee and have some left over rather than not enough and run out!

NaomiSconesBaked Goods

One Dozen Fresh Baked Scones or Muffins: $20.00
One Dozen Fresh Baked Cookies: $8.00

24 hours advance notice required for catering orders.  Please call 320-262-3766.